Dried Herbs

Dried herbs

We use dried herbs to make our daily infusions. With long brewing times and a cup of dried herb in a quart jar of water, these strong, medicinal teas generally impart many more nutrients from the plants than making a simple herbal tea from a tea bag. Instructions on making an herbal infusion from dried herbs are included. The dried herbs are the only herbal products we offer that we do not process ourselves–we source them from other trusted organic growers and conscientious wildcrafters.

Individual herbs

Red Clover Blossom
Red Clover Herb
Tulsi/Holy Basil

Infusion Herb Bundles

Oatstraw, nettles, linden flowers, red clover blossoms
Oatstraw, nettles


Four herb bundleDried Herb Bundle

Try 4 herbal infusions with this Herbal Infusion Bundle

  • 8 oz. Organically Grown Oatstraw
  • 8 oz. Organically Grown Nettles
  • 4 oz. Wildcrafted Linden Flower
  • 1 oz. Organically Grown Red Clover Blossoms

Quantity: $39.00


Oatstraw and Nettle Infusion Herb Bundle

One bag each of Nettle and Oatstraw, our favorite dried herbs for infusions. Save 15% off individual prices!

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Dried calendula

Calendula, Organic North Carolina Grown

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Red Clover Blossoms

Red Clover Blossoms, Organic

More potent than the Red Clover Herb. See Susun Weed’s books for its use in women’s health.

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Red Clover Herb, Organic

Red clover herb makes a wonderful sipping tea with a light, sweet flavor and an affinity for the skin, the blood, the lymphatic system, and hormonal health. Drink it with a little honey and milk for a treat, or make a strong infusion for a medicinal dose. It’s rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, and many more trace minerals and vitamins.

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Comfrey Leaf, NC-grown Certified Organic

(symphytum officinale)

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Linden Flower and Leaf, Wildcrafted

Supports nervous system health; supports respiratory system*

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Nettle Leaf and Stem

Promotes kidney and adrenal health; promotes healthy immune response to allergens; supports immune system function; nourishes; supports the hormonal system*

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Oatstraw Leaf and Stem

Supports nervous system health; supports the hormonal system*

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Dried TulsiTulsi/Holy Basil, North Carolina Grown

(Ocimum sanctum)

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Contraindications may exist.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.