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Elderberry and mushroom elixirs

Elixirs 20% off

Get 20% off of our elixirs:

  • Double Extraction Elderberry Elixir with Local Honey
    (elderberries, organic sugar alcohol, and raw mountain honey)
    This double extraction combines a 100 proof extract of fresh berries with a decoction of wild dried elderberries to create an extraction with both water and alcohol extractable constituents in tasty elderberry juice.
    Supports healthy immune function.*
  • Double Extraction 3-Mushroom Elixir with Local Honey
    (reishi, turkey tail, and Chaga mushrooms, organic sugar alcohol, and raw mountain honey)
    This double extraction combines a 190 proof extract of reishi, turkey tail, and chaga mushrooms with a simmer of the same type mushrooms to extract both the water and alcohol extractable constituents.
    Historically used to promote longevity. Supports healthy immune function.*
  • Garlic Elixir
    (local garlic steeped in organic vinegar and mountain honey)
    A delicious way to receive all the benefits of garlic!

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